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What Is 8D Audio? 8d technology

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What Is 8D Audio?

What Is 8D Audio?

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What Is 8D Audio?
8d technology
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42 thoughts on “What Is 8D Audio? 8d technology”

  1. Idk man, maybe my brain is weird but I only ever hear any 8D Audio behind me and to my left and right. It never sounds like it's moving in front of me and I tried it with 4 different headsets, one of which is rated for 7.1 surround sound and cost me about $130-$140. Although these don't sound 3D to me, let it be known that when I am playing a game it does. Also most of the ones labeled 3D on here actually do sound 3D but all the 8D ones sound like their going behind my head, back and forth. So I don't see how it could be my headphones when the surround sound works perfectly well on literally every other video but the ones labeled 8D.

  2. You’ve probably heard of 3D, heck even 4D – but 8D? Is there actually such a thing as audio possessing eight dimensions? No, there isn’t. In fact, audio doesn’t really have dimensions at all. 8D audio is essentially a binaural effect (listening to two tones of slightly different frequency, one in each ear) added to a stereo track, tricking our brains into thinking the sound comes from different corners of the room.

  3. Now what are the new thoughts of 8D audio in relation to Apple’s new Spatial Audio service coming on Apple Music? I have not tried any of Apple’s headphones with spatial audio capabilities so I can not yet put into words what that experience will be.

  4. Currently there are somewhat cool songs with 8d with different instruments changing and revolving around your head, but when it's only the song going around your head I agree it's not great

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