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What Caused the 2008 Financial Collapse? Finance Industry: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan (2010) financial crisis 2008

The term financial innovation refers to the ongoing development of financial products designed to achieve particular client objectives, such as offsetting a particular risk exposure (such as the default of a borrower) or to assist with obtaining financing. Examples pertinent to this crisis included: the adjustable-rate mortgage; the bundling of subprime mortgages into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) or collateralized debt obligations (CDO) for sale to investors, a type of securitization; and a form of credit insurance called credit default swaps (CDS). The usage of these products expanded dramatically in the years leading up to the crisis. These products vary in complexity and the ease with which they can be valued on the books of financial institutions.

CDO issuance grew from an estimated $20 billion in Q1 2004 to its peak of over $180 billion by Q1 2007, then declined back under $20 billion by Q1 2008. Further, the credit quality of CDO’s declined from 2000 to 2007, as the level of subprime and other non-prime mortgage debt increased from 5% to 36% of CDO assets.[118] As described in the section on subprime lending, the CDS and portfolio of CDS called synthetic CDO enabled a theoretically infinite amount to be wagered on the finite value of housing loans outstanding, provided that buyers and sellers of the derivatives could be found. For example, buying a CDS to insure a CDO ended up giving the seller the same risk as if they owned the CDO, when those CDO’s became worthless.

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This boom in innovative financial products went hand in hand with more complexity. It multiplied the number of actors connected to a single mortgage (including mortgage brokers, specialized originators, the securitizers and their due diligence firms, managing agents and trading desks, and finally investors, insurances and providers of repo funding). With increasing distance from the underlying asset these actors relied more and more on indirect information (including FICO scores on creditworthiness, appraisals and due diligence checks by third party organizations, and most importantly the computer models of rating agencies and risk management desks). Instead of spreading risk this provided the ground for fraudulent acts, misjudgments and finally market collapse.[120] In 2005 a group of computer scientists built a computational model for the mechanism of biased ratings produced by rating agencies,[121] which turned out to be adequate to what actually happened in 2006–2008.[citation needed]

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Martin Wolf further wrote in June 2009 that certain financial innovations enabled firms to circumvent regulations, such as off-balance sheet financing that affects the leverage or capital cushion reported by major banks, stating: “…an enormous part of what banks did in the early part of this decade – the off-balance-sheet vehicles, the derivatives and the ‘shadow banking system’ itself – was to find a way round regulation.”

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What Caused the 2008 Financial Collapse? Finance Industry: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan (2010)

What Caused the 2008 Financial Collapse? Finance Industry: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan (2010)

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What Caused the 2008 Financial Collapse? Finance Industry: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan (2010)
financial crisis 2008
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  1. Simple: 2008 Financial Crisis was caused by massive fraud in the system & big banks believing home values will never go down nationwide.

  2. Rating agencies put their kneepads on for any box of shit stuffed through their letterbox while the banks set up a circle jerk of trading grade Z debt as assets. Anything else you need to be clarified? (typo edit)

  3. People don’t give your money to this kind people. These are gangsters with a license to make shark loans. The law was tailored to them, not to you. They take your money and the government bail out them.

  4. All Lehman & brothers subsidiaries around the country received the instructions to increase the housing loans and mortgages. All was did knowing it was illegal. I hate to hear the word risk . Goldman & S . Invested 401k savings on Lehman bubble.

  5. Awesome Congressman Angelenis! Mr. Blankfein you are the CEO of the most sophisticated institution in the world. GS was underwriting and packaging garbage securities and selling them to their trusted clients. On the other hand they were shorting these same securities in the market without Disclosing any information to their clients. Blankfein says “ who us we didn’t do anything wrong we were caught up in this like everyone else”. The really sad thing about the 08 financial crisis is nobody went to jail for any of these criminal acts and Wall Street got richer!

  6. Jail them, take their wealth and distribute it to the people who were robbed by them. Pass a new law to protect the people, who are the voters and should be rightly represented. Why do you define it as a democracy? It`s not a democracy, it`s communism and protectionism for the crooks, bankers, corrupt politicians and corporations.

  7. no one went to jail. the silly thing is both sides here should have had people in jail. congress and the bankers but they just got to pretend as they always have. these people are criminals.

  8. These characters are just scum… Private profit and public losses are the bedrock of modern banking!! Clinton is mostly at fault for loosening the screws on the banks in the '90's…. We all suffer from decisions taken in darkened rooms.

  9. all i heard is blah blah keep having fun keep getting ur multi million dollar bonuses and government will bail you out with tax payers money !!!! here 700 billion go have fun ….. another bubble is coming ….


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  12. This is just so goddamn pathetic and disgusting listening to these bumbling crooks try to talk their way out of the criminal behavior they engaged in that cost working people trillions of dollars and nearly collapsed the entire world economy–and then award themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses from taxpayer bailouts. There was a time when these people would have been hanged in the town square. Tell me why that shouldn't happen now.

  13. 1 term ONLY – our government was never intended to be run by anything but citizens !!!
    STRICT term limits – no career, no retirement !!! 
    God Bless

  14. What happened to the people at ground level, who originally made the loan? Who talked to the home buyer, and knew they had little or no income and made the original deal?

  15. Here is the real reason for collapse: this video gets around 40k views. Britney spears and Beyoncé get 1B. And those who haven't seen this video vote, talk about 'free market' principals and the glorious St Alen [Alan Greenspan] and wonders of the invisible hand.

  16. Blaming these guys is analogous to blaming kids for their parents neglect…….the POLITICIANS are the ones that let the "kids" do what they did AND will let them do it again.

  17. How ironic, Here's Blankfein, who knew what was happening all along and probably participated in it, is instructing Congress. Hillary was right: let the "experts" i.e., the criminals who ruined millions of lives can govern themselves.

  18. If there will be another financial crisis, I strongly believe that these banks will not get bailed out. If this does happen, there will be riots in cities across the globe

  19. I have documents in hand that show a mortgage sold into a trust, and then the bank (originating lender) trying to threaten to take property, with no legal standing. Thank God for the DOJ, FBI, and 50 Attorney Generals who listened. And reviewed documents. THese bank CEO's are real cowards, not leaders.

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