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The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

Three-dimensional printing promises new opportunities for more sustainable and local production. But does 3D printing make everything better? This film shows …

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The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary

The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary

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The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary
technology documentary 2021
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34 thoughts on “The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021”

  1. why would UPS even play a part in this. If i am a company that has stored ready to print parts on the fly why would i need UPS ….And for the future this is not a good thing if we pay attention to the past….Lose of jobs ..who s gona be working to buy these parts and things where are the factory works gona go…..Tech is good idea but it is gona be the demise of the human race…….Sure it might be great for a hobby but to change a industry over to this is Mad…..Glad i do not have kids cuz there future is gona be a living hell if we keep going down this road….Just look at what the internet is doing at this moment tear the world apart..

  2. The whole "oh, now you don't need to have a schematic in a archive, or a physical copy of the part in a reference collection," is standard technocratic blind optimism.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA they will screen the companies using them to print parts. Sure because vetting people for guns in America works brilliantly so that will for sure do the trick there…….

  4. For any country that could have am earthquake, printed buildings will be extremely lethal. Look at the solid concrete walls (less solid that this printed stuff too) and the whole families flattened left and right by them breaking and collapsing on them in Haiti these past few weeks. This is beyond stupid. Not enough skilled workers?don't talk crap, in most countries there aren't enough jobs to go around in construction so talking mince. All about profit to companies yet again.

  5. Well most futurists think that between materials engineering and 3d printing as well as nanotechnology the revolution is just starting and people can't imagine what's ahead.

  6. I make the machines that produce the thread patterns for reinforcement in tape/ plastic… in fact all the reinforced paper tape Amazon uses comes off of machines I built.. Today I have just started making wearables and replacement parts that I print off of a $144.00 dollar printer.. 👍🏻 and prototyping… yes extremely slow but while I work on other things I am printing test parts for for future design upgrades…. Just an absolute wonderful technology…

  7. amazing reportage, thx a lot for the precious content. therefore, the problem is and will long be the same again and again… as long as people invest, meaning those with the power of investment, we'll be depending on their choices and decisions, to make things happen… the problem with plastic recycling is the very sad truth about it.

  8. Ups realize they obsolete so they want monopoly…greedy capitalists ruined nature, economic, human freedom, traped bilions in debt, bubble all sectors, stealing from individuals for 500 years last 50 this became the norm

  9. I'm sure 'Adidas' didn't appreciate the way she butchered their name and Logo. In fact, she completely mispronounced numerous basic words. I'm just wondering how it would even be possible for not only a company to hire her as a commentator, but for editing and production to miss so many mispronounced words. DW Documentary wouldn't be my go-to production company if I was making any kind of documentary. Perhaps they should seek out the next member of their team at the nearest Elementary School, because let's be honest here, a grade 5 student would have a better grasp of basic English pronunciation than this company! I mean seriously, who hasn't heard of 'Adidas' and doesn't know how to pronounce it!

  10. If UPS starts using 3D printing to make parts nearer to the customer, how are they going to explain that it's late or lost? That's half their workforce (Lost Product Explainers) laid off right there.

  11. The old production methods have their place and should not be discarded efficiency is the primary concern when choosing production method that has not changed regardless of advances efficiency will always be the prime concern for industry .

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