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How To Train Your Dog In Fable 3? Update

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How To Train Your Dog In Fable 3
How To Train Your Dog In Fable 3

How do you use the dog training book in Fable 3?

Advancing Dog’s Abilities

In Fable III, you must first interact with your dog and then must select the book from the contextual D-Pad commands in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

How do you change your dog’s breed in Fable 3?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – The Loop. The Dog Breed Set is a DLC pack for Fable III available for free from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It adds three new breeds for your dog that can be changed by interacting with the dog basket in the Sanctuary. The three breeds are the Poodle, the Alsatian, and the Doberman.

Fable 3 :: How to Train Your Dog

Fable 3 :: How to Train Your Dog
Fable 3 :: How to Train Your Dog

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Fable 3 :: How To Train Your Dog
Fable 3 :: How To Train Your Dog

How do I start Traitor’s Keep in Fable 3?

Traitor’s Keep brings a number of new quests to the game. These can be started after the conclusion of the Fable III main quest by meeting with Hobson in the treasury. Throne of Blood is the first quest in the DLC. To start the quest, go to Hobson who will be waiting for you at the Castle Treasury.

How do you teach your dog tricks in Fable 2?

Dog tricks are available in Fable II and allow the dog to perform expressions of his own. Dog tricks must be taught, similar to learning from expression manuals. Dog trick books can be purchased at book stores or from traders, acquired during quests, or from dig spots and dive spots.

How do you blacksmith in Fable 3?

Fable III. Blacksmithing returns to the game but with a redesigned control system. Rather than waiting to to press ‘A’ on the green sweet zone, you press either ‘A’ (Green) or ‘X’ (Blue) when directed on a level paced scroll bar.

Where is the Hunters Lodge in Fable 3?

Hunter’s Lodge is a large house, situated in a secluded region just off Mistpeak Valley. It is full of decent-quality furniture. The downstairs is accessible through the front door and the upstairs through a staircase at the side of the house.

Where are the gnomes in Brightwall village?

The Gnome is atop the waterfall. In the snowy mountains, a path a few bridges up from the entrance to Brightwall leads to some ruins with a skeleton in a pit. The Gnome is hanging on the cliff wall just on the other side of a short fence. The ruins are on the Brightwall side of the valley.

How do you open the Demon Doors in Fable 3?

The door requires you to be dedicated to your moral path and achieve 100% good or evil morality (an easy way of doing this is to transfer 5 or 6 million gold either to (good) or from (evil) the Castle Treasury). If you fulfill this criteria, just walk up to it and it will open.

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How old is the dog in Fable 2?

The Hero’s dog does not age during the game’s progression. If it did, it would live far past the expected lifetime of a dog (at least 25 years versus 14 or so years in reality).

How do I get to Understone in Fable 3?

If you run into the town during the related quest the enemies will disappear when you open the gate. If you choose to free the residents, Understone can be entered from either the factory in Bowerstone Industrial or from a cave entrance on the beach outside of Bowerstone Old Quarter.

Fable 3: How to level your Dog up

Fable 3: How to level your Dog up
Fable 3: How to level your Dog up

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Fable 3: How To Level Your Dog Up
Fable 3: How To Level Your Dog Up

Can you mod Fable 3?

Fans were mixed on Fable 3 but there have still been a handful of mods crafted for it. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Where do you buy hair in Fable 3?

In Fable II and Fable III, most hairstyles must be purchased directly from the stylist.

How do you open the Demon Door in Rookridge?

4 Rookridge Demon Door: Show Off Your Dog’s Tricks

Rookridge has a Demon Door that has a serious passion for tricks. This door can be found to the left of Rookridge Inn after the player walks down a short pathway. Players will need to have their dog do five tricks in front of the door for it to open.

What is the best job in Fable 3?

Of the three that are still available, the blacksmith job is by far the best way to make money quickly and easily. It makes slightly less money on the gold multiplier bonus compared to the others but only requires you to press two buttons for the entire minigame.

What’s the best weapon in Fable 3?

1 Jack’s Hammer

The most powerful weapon in Fable 3 when it comes to raw stats, is Jack’s Hammer. Belonging to the infamous Jack of Blades, the hammer can be found in the Auroran Mine or The Moral View in Aurora. Rarely, it can also be acquired in random weapon locations.

How do you find driftwood in Fable 3?

You must complete the Restoration Side Quest in Millfields to open the bridge to Driftwood. To make Driftwood appear on the map you’ll have to first head back to Millfields and use the bridge you paid for. It’s at the top of the hill with the Stonehenge-like ruins. Just across the bridge is a path to Driftwood.

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Does Fable 3 DLC?

Fable III Downloadable Content (a.k.a. Fable III DLC) is extra content released by Lionhead Studios for Fable III through Xbox Live, and previously, Games for Windows Live.

Is a Gnome evil?

Garden Gnomes aren’t said to be evil, although they may look mischievous. They don’t bring bad luck unless you potentially harm them otherwise, they provide good luck if kept safely.

Fable 3: Different Dog Breeds

Fable 3: Different Dog Breeds
Fable 3: Different Dog Breeds

Images related to the topicFable 3: Different Dog Breeds

Fable 3: Different Dog Breeds
Fable 3: Different Dog Breeds

Where are all the rare books in Fable 3?

Rare Books
  • Brightwall Village // 6 Books.
  • Dweller Camp // 1 Book.
  • Mistpeak Valley // 3 Books.
  • Sunset House // 1 Book.
  • Mourningwood // 3 Books.
  • Bowerstone Industrial // 2 Books.
  • Millfields // 3 Books.
  • Bowerstone Market // 2 Books.
Oct 22, 2014

What weapon does the demon door want?

You must max out your Melee or Ranged weapon skills (purchase Level 5 on the Road to Rule) and show a Level 5 Melee or Ranged weapon to this door to open it.

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