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How To Say George In Chinese? Update

Let’s discuss the question: how to say george in chinese. We summarize all relevant answers in section Q&A of website in category: Blog Finance For You. See more related questions in the comments below.

How To Say George In Chinese
How To Say George In Chinese

Is George a Chinese name?

Traditional version of

Your name George has a different traditional version. The Chinese name George is exactly how the famous George Clooney, George Murphy and George Harrison are called in China.

How do you say my name Chinese?

When people ask what your name is in Chinese, 我叫 plus your name is the easiest way to say my name is in Chinese.

How to Say Your Name GEORGE in Chinese?

How to Say Your Name GEORGE in Chinese?
How to Say Your Name GEORGE in Chinese?

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How To Say Your Name George In Chinese?
How To Say Your Name George In Chinese?

How do you say George in other languages?

Let’s see how Giorgos is spelled in other languages: English: George; Arabic: Girgis; Basque: Gorka; Bulgarian: Georgi; French: Georges; German: Georg, Jörg, Jürgen, Jörgen; Georgian: გიორგი (Giorgi); Danish: Jørgen; Estonian: Spanish and Portuguese: Jorge; Italian: Giorgio; Catalan: Jordi; Lithuanian: Jurgis; …

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How do Chinese say sorry?

对不起 (duì bù qǐ) — “Sorry”

The most popular phrase for saying sorry in Chinese is 对不起.

Is George a Japanese name?

Perhaps the answer lies in the idea that for my grandparents and possibly others, the name was not an American name at all; it was actually a Japanese name, only the Nisei spelled it G-E-O-R-G-E. Phonetically the Issei pronounced it “joe-jee,” and Jōji was a common personal name for boys in Japan.

What is the Russian name for George?

Georgy (Russian: Георгий, romanized: Georgiy; Bulgarian: Георги, romanized: Georgi) is a masculine given name, derived from the Greek name Georgios. It corresponds to the English name George.

Why do Chinese have 3 names?

It’s a long-established tradition

Until the mid-1900s in China, a person usually had three names besides his or her surname: ming, zi and hao. Ming is the name given by parents; Zi is the name granted to a person at the beginning of adulthood – men usually at the age of 20 and women at 15.

How do you say Nikki in Chinese?

This article has been viewed 752,239 times. The best way to say “hello” in Mandarin Chinese is “nǐ hǎo” or 你好.

How do you say daddy in Chinese?

The pinyin for 爸 is “bà,” which means the character is pronounced in the 4th tone. But when saying 爸爸, the second 爸 is unaccented. Thus in terms of tone numbers, 爸爸 can also be written as ba4 ba.

What’s a nickname for George?

Its diminutives are Geordie and Georgie, with the former being limited primarily to residents of England and Scotland, and its feminine forms, used in the Anglosphere, are Georgeanna, Georgeanne, Georgann, Georgene, Georgette, Georgia, Georgiana, and Georgina.

What is George short for?

The name George is of Greek origin and means “farmer.” It is from the Greek name Georgios, which was derived from the Greek word georgos, meaning “farmer, earthworker”.

How to say my name George in Chinese?

How to say my name George in Chinese?
How to say my name George in Chinese?

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How To Say My Name George In Chinese?
How To Say My Name George In Chinese?

What is George in Latin?

Etymology. Name of an early saint, from Middle English George, from Latin Geōrgius, from Ancient Greek Γεώργῐος (Geṓrgios), from γεωργός (geōrgós, “farmer, earth worker”), from γῆ (gê, “earth”) (combining form γεω- (geō-)) + ἔργον (érgon, “work”) Doublet of Jorge.

What do you say thanks in Chinese?

1. Xièxiè – the most common Chinese thanks. As already mentioned, the most common way to say “thanks” or “thank you” in Chinese is xièxiè (谢谢) or xièxie. A rough Chinese pronunciation of that is syeh-syeh, but while it sounds like the same words repeated twice, there is actually a very subtle difference between the two …

How do you express regret in Chinese?

It has audio demonstrations of all Mandarin sounds and video explanations for some of the more difficult sounds: link).
  1. If you want to express regret or pity, use “yí hàn (遗憾)” …
  2. If you want to say sorry for something that is a little embarrassing or creates a socially awkward situation, use “bù hǎo yì si (不好意思)”
Jul 22, 2014

What does George mean in Greek?

From the Greek name Georgios, from georgos, meaning “farmer, earthworker“, which is from ge, meaning “earth” and ergon, meaning “work”. Pronounced: jaw r j. Prince George is the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

How do you pronounce George in Korean?

죠지 (pronounced jo-ji) is the way Koreans usually write & say the name “George.” 내 이름 is Korean for “my name.” It is pronounced “nae ee-reum.”

Korean translation: 죠지
English term or phrase: george
Korean translation: 죠지
Entered by: mymuse
Aug 28, 2002

How do you say George in Georgian?

Giorgi. Giorgi is the Georgian version of George, a name that has Greek origin meaning “farmer.” However, the patron saint of the country is considered to be St. George, therefore the name is very common across the country.

Does Yuri mean George?

Yury, Yuri, Youri, Yurii, Yuriy, Yurij, Iurii or Iouri is the Slavic (Ukrainian: Юрій, romanized: Jurij, or Russian: Юрий, romanized: Jurij, or Bulgarian: Юрий, romanized: Jurij, or Belarusian: Юры, romanized: Jury) form of the masculine given name George; it is derived directly from the Greek form Georgios and related …

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What is the German name for George?

Georg (given name)
Language(s) German
Meaning “Farmer”
Other names
See also Đorđe, George, Georges, Georgios, Georgy, Giorgio, Gorka, Jerzy, Jörg, Jorge, Jørgen, Jürgen, Jüri, Örjan, Yrjö, Yuri

How do Chinese parents name their child?

Chinese names are traditionally patrilineal, whereby children are given their father’s family name at birth. Women do not change their legal names at marriage. However, some may choose to place their husband’s family name before their full name.

How to say “George” in Chinese

How to say “George” in Chinese
How to say “George” in Chinese

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How To Say “George” In Chinese
How To Say “George” In Chinese

How do Chinese pick their English name?

Many Chinese celebrities have English names so people choose the same name that their favorite singer or actor uses. Other people choose the names of American movie stars or even a character they play. Some people choose a name from their favorite book, either the author’s or the main character’s name.

How do you pick a Chinese girl name?

Chinese Names for Girls
  1. The name should be melodious. The name as it is read it should produce a sweet sound. …
  2. Avoid homonyms. Homonyms are words that have the same sound or spelling but have different meanings. …
  3. The Chinese horoscope. Parents often consider the horoscope to name their babies.

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