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How To Become A Financial Adviser financial advisor

Check out my gear on Kit: I get asked at least once per week for advice on how to become a financial adviser, and for ages, I’ve …

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How To Become A Financial Adviser

How To Become A Financial Adviser

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How To Become A Financial Adviser
financial advisor
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47 thoughts on “How To Become A Financial Adviser financial advisor”

  1. Pete, I’m currently a 20 year old going. Through a Politics and Economics degree with a lean into econometrics. I’d love to get into this field and was wondering to what extent this degree would help or hinder me and to what extent I would be employable if I took the Level 4 as a replacement for a Masters. Is this the kind of career you can enter as a first job, or would you recommend getting a few years in other office jobs before I take the leap.

    Thank you for all the content you have given to us for free in videos like this.

  2. Great video Pete! In your option, is it possible to become a financial advisor for someone who hasn’t completed high school? I left school before completing my A levels, but have been successful in a number of sales positions since then and possess great people/relationship building skills. Would you hire someone based on this?

  3. I was in my second year of university, when I watched this. It really helped me in deciding to pursue my passion of becoming a financial advisor over a boring job in cyber security. I managed to get a position in a financial planning firm despite any experience or relevant qualifications and purely just a passion for personal finance. I start next week! If I could give anyone any advice on getting a position, I would say don't bother just trying to apply for graduate positions. Take some initiative, call these companies up! It's how I managed to get my job. Emailing companies is also not going to get your personality across. Financial Advisory is all about people skills, so go prove to these companies you have them. If your absolutely getting no where, then consider spending the money on the certifications. You'll stand out.

  4. Thank you for sharing, I'm researching career options (I'm 19 and a business major) and this is definitely helpful. I feel like this work would be very rewarding

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. This was very insightful. As a current Accounting and Finance student, do you have any advice on what the best steps after university would be in order to become an advisor/planner?

  6. I have been an engineer for 7 years and after breaking my arm just before lockdown I had plenty of time to think. During my time at home I was frothing for some physical or mental learning! I saw an advert from online trading so I started learning a lot about finances through this, I decided I'd had enough of engineer so I have started my journey in Financial advice and started my CISI course. I cant wait for this journey.

  7. I’m in my final year of my bachelors in Accounting and finance. Would it be feasible for me to try and become a financial advisor, or should I have started much earlier

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  9. Interesting to see the lesser amount of Financial Advisers compared to Accountants and Solicitors in the UK. All three work well together as core Professional connections for clients on any stage of their Financial Journey.

  10. Hello my name is Kynadi Edwards. I am currently 19 years old and I just recently graduated high school. I'm enrolling into online school for the personal convenience. I know that I will be deprived out of opportunities and alliances by not attending university. But this is the best I can do for myself right now. High school was a really tough experience for me. I was bullied and socially isolated. I was supposed to graduating last year. But because of my circumstances I was held back another year. I wanted to drop out. I felt worthless. At 18 I thought I would be a failure. But I now realize that I am more of that. I know I can be more of that. It is my duty to do so. As a young black woman who will soon be competing in a predominantly white male field, I know I will be held back just for the color of my skin. Not how intelligible I am, not because of work ethic. I know that I will have do deal with the racism, sexism, and misogyny in this field. But I have to I need to break the glass sealing. I don't want to become another statistic. I hope when I reach your age that there is more diversity. So I know this video will help me. Thank you.

  11. Thanks this is really helpful, recently passed my CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and have been struggling to find a good idea of where to go next in my career. Thanks

  12. GaryV! He is a wonderful person! Also, could you give some advice on what I can do now to learn in detail things about financial planner/advisor? Is the first step learning and trying to get a 'certificate in financial services'? Thank you very much for your incredible video!

  13. Serious question, do you think that someone who is relatively unacademic (thick) could make it as an advisor? I'm eager to chase this CII diploma, but I need to know if I'm out of my depth as a someone who didn't do well at school. Brutal honesty would be appreciated.

  14. Hi there, new subscriber to your channel and thanks for the great content.

    I have a question or two if I may?

    As a 43 year old retired professional golfer I've been looking into a new challenge and possibly starting my level 4 diploma as a financial advisor (planner) but just wondered in your opinion would it be a realistic undertaking or is it something you need to have had years more experience in (I also have two young children!)

    Also I was looking to start the London institute one but you say this maybe not as good as the cii? I just found the information and website easier to navigate (probably says more about me though)

    Many thanks in advance anyway if you get the time to respond.

    Kind regards.

  15. Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of busy professionals who want to lose weight a lot easier. 😉

    Which is why I have two very simple questions:

    1. As busy professionals who want to lose weight, what are the two biggest issues you’re dealing with?

    2. Regarding weight loss, what would you wish for more than anything else?

    Thanks so much in advance – looking forward to reading your answers!

  16. Thank you for your video.

    You sort of touched on this. Will a financial adviser starting out today be able to compete with the Robo-advisors (who are cheaper etc) that also offers a human contact option too going forward and as technology gets better? Will it still be a great overall career?

  17. Great video Pete. I'm halfway through my CII Diploma and loving these videos! They're much help with my transition from from trainee paraplanner to paraplanner and eventually adviser.

  18. I currently have a business development job within financial services, I constantly speak with advisers and learn lots from them whilst trying to get them to use our products. I am looking to do my exams however I am unsure if the job I have is going to help me get a job doing admin or even a trainee advisor if possible. What do you think?

  19. Great video thank you so much! I've just graduated with a business degree, I have a level 3 certificate
    from CISI and have started the level 4 diploma from CII and really want to be a financial advisor/ planner. I'm looking to work within a financial institutions but having difficulty finding opening's do you have any suggestions please?

  20. I'm coming from a different perspective, I'm a teacher and coach living in a "problematic" area of London which I love btw. I myself am doing well but feel so many in my community would benefit from having someone sit down with them. I reckon I'll do the diploma anyway – for fun as i love learning but in the sense of gaining more insights would citizen advice be a starting point? Or any other ideas? Fantastic episode btw, really well thought through

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