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Fable 3 How To Become Evil? Update

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Fable 3 How To Become Evil
Fable 3 How To Become Evil

Can you become evil in Fable 3?

The choices you make that have effects on more than just your character usually affect the Good/Evil part of your alignment. (In Fable II and III, you can either be good or evil, and people could love you depending on their Love/Hate and Cute/Ugly factors.)

Which fable do you become king?

The Title “King” or “Queen” can be earned in Fable II by buying all the real estate in Albion.

Fable 3 Lets You Become An Evil, Murderous King

Fable 3 Lets You Become An Evil, Murderous King
Fable 3 Lets You Become An Evil, Murderous King

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Fable 3 Lets You Become An Evil, Murderous King
Fable 3 Lets You Become An Evil, Murderous King

Can you marry Reaver in Fable 3?

Seeing as he is a unique character, it is not possible to be romantically linked to him. In Fable III, despite the fact that Reaver shot Barnum over 50 years before, Reaver still received the (apparently bloodstained) photograph.

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Can you save Jimmy in Fable 3?

Jammy will always die during the main quest, even if you’ve killed every hollow man around him and protected him the whole time. In that case, he will just drop dead without being hit or shot.

What happens if you marry Lady GREY?

If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game. In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command ‘follow’ no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you.

Can you have more than one wife in Fable 2?

In “Fable II,” players could have multiple spouses, but it was best if you kept a spouse in each town because otherwise, they’d find out about each other and become jealous.

How do you become a king of Albion?

The Ruler of Albion is an achievement in Fable II. In order to receive this achievement you must attain 2.5 Million Gold’s worth of real Estate.

How do you get the king’s outfit in Fable 2?

The Royal Suit is a set of clothing added in the See The Future DLC for Fable II. It is automatically obtained after viewing The Vision with Theresa in the Tattered Spire. The entire Royal Suit consists of a pair of boots, trousers, a long-sleeve shirt with a cape attached, and a crown.

What happens if you choose Elliot in Fable 3?

If the princess chooses to have the crowd leaders killed instead, Elliot will tell her that it should be him instead. If the Hero takes too long to choose, then Logan will keep his word and has them all killed. If spared, Elliot will be taken away and will not be seen again for some time.

How many wives can you have in Fable 3?

The only restriction is you can only have one spouse per property you own in a city. That said, if you have more than one marriage in the same city, all spouses you have in that city will be quickly looking for a divorce.

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Is Jonathan Ross in Fable 3?

Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry will be doing voice work for Lionhead Studios’ Fable III. Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry have been confirmed as doing voice work for Fable III. Ross told followers on Twitter that he would be featuring in the game, writing: “Gotta go.

FABLE 3: All Evil Choices – FULL GAME

FABLE 3: All Evil Choices – FULL GAME
FABLE 3: All Evil Choices – FULL GAME

Images related to the topicFABLE 3: All Evil Choices – FULL GAME

Fable 3: All Evil Choices - Full Game
Fable 3: All Evil Choices – Full Game

Is Ben Finn a hero of skill?

According to Walter, Ben is a strong swimmer. In his book, he mentions that he instantly had a talent at firearms, even as a child. This may indicate Heroic blood, specifically in the Hero discipline of Skill.

Can you marry page Fable 3?

Lies, you can’t marry page, and there’s no special anything with Ellise/Elliot if they die. If they die, you never hear or speak about them again. The only « uniques » are Ellise/Elliot and Veronica/whatever her husband’s name is, they will show up with the rest of your followers.

Who voices the gnome guy in Fable 3?

Brian is voiced by Mark Heap.

Do you get evil points for marrying Lady GREY?

Also, there is nothing bad/evil about marrying Lady Grey.

How do you get Solus Greatsword?

To obtain the Solus Greatsword, the Hero must have completed The Arena quest. By doing this, the Hero will gain access to Bowerstone North. The Solus Greatsword is sold there for a high price (77,900 average), which varies based on the Hero’s alignment.

How do you sleep with Lady GREY?

How do you sleep with Lady GREY in fable?
  1. Give her an inexpensive gift (perfume, red rose , etc.)
  2. Do Manly arm pump, Hero pose, Flirt and Giggle.
  3. Repeat step 2.
  4. She should now be green.
  5. Now talk to her and she should say something about going to bed.

What does the Brightwood Demon door want?

6 Brightwood Demon Door: Indulge The Door’s Weird Requests

To open this door, players will first need to give it cheese. Once that’s done, it’ll want players to obtain a certain hairstyle and facial hair that can typically be acquired from Bowerstone.

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How do you open the Demon door in Brightwall in Fable 3?

Choose a home in Brightwall and you can grab your new kid and drag him or her to the door easily. You MUST interact with your child using Hug or another expression in front of the door to get it to open. Inside the Demon Door you’ll find 25 Guild Seals and 3 Summon Creature Potions in the “Last Orders” area.

Should I marry Veronica Fable 3?

Once you seduce her, you ask her to marry you. She then goes back to William to divorce him and he reveals your false proposal as part of his plan.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – The Loop.
First Appearance Fable III – A Marriage of Inconvenience
Last Appearance Fable III

All Evil Choices Fable 3 pt 1

All Evil Choices Fable 3 pt 1
All Evil Choices Fable 3 pt 1

Images related to the topicAll Evil Choices Fable 3 pt 1

All Evil Choices Fable 3 Pt 1
All Evil Choices Fable 3 Pt 1

Can you marry Elliot in Fable 3?

You can either fast travel or run to meet Elise/Elliot outside the Orphanage where she/he will imply that you should propose. If you already have a ring then you can propose to them right there; if you don’t they will say that you need one and the quest line will remain active until you propose “properly”.

Can you marry a woman in Fable 3?

To get married in Fable III you will have to propose and select a house you own from your map. A new system is introduced where, depending on the location, you can select what type of wedding you want.

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