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Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

Sea levels are rising faster and faster, threatening 700 million people who live on the world’s coasts. Will water become the habitat of the future? Visionary projects for a life with the tides are forging ahead worldwide.

Experts forecast that by 2100, sea levels will be two meters higher than they are today. This could force 40 percent of the world’s population out of their homes, for example, in Mumbai, Tokyo, Guangzhou or Bangladesh. The US won’t be spared either. Miami, New Orleans and New York would also have to be evacuated. Entire city districts would be under water. Climate change would drastically alter our metropolitan areas.

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That’s why ideas that originated in science fiction have now becoming reality. Floating and underwater buildings could become places of refuge. What sounds like a utopia is soon to become reality. The first pioneers are already living in floating neighborhoods. Could the South Pacific paradise of Tahiti also be saved in this way?

This is still all tantalizing luxury. Visionary hotel operators offer rooms with an underwater view. Or dinner during which fish and marine life are a feature in floating restaurants. Many of these futuristic plans involve water. Will we be farming on the sea? Will the “SeaOrbiter” floating research station designed by Parisian architect Jacques Rougerie get underway soon? Or will we walk through seaports on floating boulevards?

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Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary

Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary

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Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary
technology documentary 2021
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43 thoughts on “Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021”

  1. They keep talking about 'eventually' and 'by the end of the century'..

    People, most scientists,

    Keep underestimating the power of exponentiality.

    I think society will fall by 2045.

    Feedback loops, politicians doing nothing, mass migration, right-wing uprisings in the West, civil-war like situations, ice melting faster and faster, methane release, more co-2 release cause everything burns.

    And oh yeah: both the Jetstream and the Gulfstream are coming to a halt.

    Meaning: everything gets 'stationary'.

    Droughts, fires, storms,

    Staying for months at the same place.

    Crops failing, people going psychologically nuts.

    And oh yeah:

    World population grows: 80 million people a year!!

    (225.000 a day).

    We're ff'd.

  2. Do any of these morons realise that ice boyancy displaces water as much as is weight, and if ice qhere to melt the water level would not change, however if continent sinking occurred, is because we distroy its boyancy due to us raw material deoletion like oil and gas kills the very same boyancy!

  3. This documentaries are useless showing to world its going on and it ll go on ….people love money thats it ….PLEASE STOP reccommending us this documentaries PLEASE YOUTUBE WE ARE HERE TO TALK AND JUDGE AND NOTHING ELSE….NONE OF US HAVE MERCY ON OUR PLANET

  4. The people that made this video and thought that they have solved climate change are beyond dumb. There are actually no words. The Celsius temperature is rising. Once the climate reaches a certain level it will become non-habitable to humans. The heat will kill you. Nice try though, maybe stop being stupid and come up will a real plan. No offense, it's just it shows you are displaying little to no human intelligence

  5. These dumbasses want to put more stuff into the water instead of replacing the earths wetlands and NATURAL water management systems that have been eliminated in order to develop

  6. Sometimes being on top of the water is the most dangerous because most of the severe weather systems brew in the ocean 🌊 and huge waves can be a bad factor of building infrastructure. It's a great idea if suggestion but it's also a good idea to look into some places that might survive tide damage

  7. This is a terrible idea. Effort should be spent trying to prevent the worst case scenario, not coming up with ways to live with it and most likely make things worse (what's the energy and carbon footprint required to move entire districts). I 100% see this making the already massive ocean pollution issues worse (microplastics etc.).

  8. So, the problem is climate change and rising seas, and architects can only think of under water hotels and holiday stays? Capitalism never sleeps and that's pathetic! Part reason we're in this problem to begin with! Yeah, ruin the land so we can later ruin the sea!

    "We have to make solutions…" Yeah, clean up the mess you've already made! Start there!

  9. Floating homes can't just be moved to hard hit areas if they are already occupied. It is the rapid construction of such homes in hard hit areas that would be needed. The issue is the poor simply won't be able to afford such measures hence most of the people adversely affected by sea level rise will ultimately just be ignored.

  10. This is SO STUPID!
    This is NOT about finding ways to live with a potential sea level rise, it’s about finding ways to expand our human footprint into what is ALREADY water! If they were truly concerned, they would be building these floating homes on dry land. The best proof of how ridiculous this whole argument is, our insurance companies would never insure ANY waterfront property if they believed them to be at risk!
    I’m not sure if the “scientist” said sea levels could rise 16 or 60 meters but both numbers are ridiculous! If the icecap on Greenland was a mile deep it would only raise the Earths water level a couple of inches. Greenland just ain’t that big!

  11. quick question, if all these floating homes are all connected to the mainland plumbing and electrical grids… whats the point of them being on water? if the sea levels rise and all those grids are wiped out then the floating houses will be next to useless.

  12. This is stupid! There are many scientific studies that show the ocean is not rising! The earth is warming but that's not because of humans, scientists have studied the sun cycles for hundreds of years. We are in a normal sun cycle that heats the earth but don't worry the cold is coming! Look up the facts, research what I have said and you will see that I speak the truth! This is a climate change bs story to sell these homes, climate change is a hoax!

  13. What's with the 2050? Has everyone gone mad? A realistic time frame of a hundred years? Perhaps a hundred years ago! Is it not obvious yet that the time scale is slipping ever more drastically? What if all we have to adapt is more like only ten years? What then? If you just look around you, look at the rate of growth in ferocity of storms and extreme events around the globe. This should be immediately declared the top human concern at hand around the globe and the sole focus of all present-day industrial and scientific effort. Sequester carbon massively at a grand scale. Green everything to retain as much water vapor as possible as quick as possible. Prepare to acommodate disaster and victims. Transform armies fo emergency rescue operations. Who? Not governments. Not politicians, while the rest go about the business as usual. Everyone. Now.

  14. Now, that's something worthy of praise! And worthy of investment as well. Unlike the irrational "Mars Project". Earth is the planet that we have to care for and invest our intelligence and money on, in order to continue thriving and perpetuating our species. Congratulations to all those involved in the "Living on Water" Project!!!

  15. All talk will still just be talk if nothing is being implemented, we're in 2021 now and we've seen some extreme weather worldwide. Do you think those beautiful utopian designs in the video will actually be able to take hits from the angry waves? Maybe instead of wasting time on "designing", the more practical way is to be more active about it.

    Let me assure those dreamers in the video, we don't have 100 years. By 100 years, there'll already be millions of climate refugee.. They are going to your house, landmass is getting ever less and less while those available will be most likely inhabitable due to heat or wet.

    Another thing I want to voice out, I think people are just spending too much time looking backwards instead of doing something for the future. When there are people starving to death on a daily basis, while Jeff Bezos with USD$2,000,000,000,000 or $USD2 trillion dollars just went to space for holidays.

  16. BULLSHIT, like ice cubes in a glass of water. When the ice cubes melt. The glass of water does not over flow. They want to impose a carbon tax on everyone, while the rich fly around the world in their private jets. Don't fall for their BULLSHIT!

  17. wonderfully put together. Just a suggestion: Think about old large ships (cruise liners, cargo ships and such) can we not turn them into a city or a world for agriculture also (for in the show we talk about the people and the rising waters but you have not address the fact those we would need food also – for many areas around the world that have agriculture will also be flooded out) Just a thought.

  18. What a waste of time, money, resources. These guys full of college degree needs some common sense. If the sea level really raised. We wanted something that is sturdy and weather safe like a hurricane. I believe a boat is the best solution. The boat idea needs to improve like a coast guard boat that it's unsinkable. Working around a unsinkable boat. Make it comfortable and self reliant like produce water and electricity. A house boat or they wanted to so call hybrid. Hong Kong have been having house boat for the longest. It has been working out for them.

  19. PARKING FLOATING BUILDINGS INSIDE A PROTECTED WATER AREA IS NOT A PROBLEM, IN OPEN OCEAN is a different story, but we should be able to develop the technology, it may allow for the existence of a few million more, note that the sea level rise s not a consequence of man activity, in fact the large solar cycle is likely the highest climate change factor, is unfortunate too many seek deception as means to power, the aging population problem and fear of losing pensions invalidates all benefits from population control, importing workers is preventing balance between production needs and automation. everybody should be under population control, colonizing the sea as the potential o increasing human presence destruction …
    we have some seeking solutions to real problems and others on the pretext of solving false problems creating real social problems and pushing the world o a war with extinction potential
    who are those … well some are benefiting from the confusion.
    The research on building on water and sea could end unemployment, most renewables are finite technology solutions that have high costs of manufacturing, nuclear energy is stagnated and have problems we can fix, we must assume we will need to create habitats in space to relive pressure on earth, e want more better brains nor less stupid ones, narcissism may be the way to aristocracies and bureaucracies

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